Here at Carpentry Zeal, we’re firm believers that the success of any project lies in the process took to get it there. For us, we’re constantly focused on delivering quality, finished products that our clients can enjoy right from the start.

You see, we’re not like other contractors – simply because we’re not general contractors. Instead, we’re specialized woodworkers and carpenters who are involved in every step of the creative process from start to finish. This means that our clients never have to worry about unexpected costs associated with subcontractors like painters, drywallers, and others. With Carpentry Zeal, the size, scale, and scope of your project is transparent from the very beginning.

One of our proudest accomplishments has been the community that we’ve built throughout our time in business. As a locally-owned and operated family business, we strive to connect with our clients on a deeper level than ever before. We understand just how important their home is to them because we have our own homes too, and our homes are where we raise our families, where we share laughs and dreams, and where we build our lives.

We keep our work crew small and personal, and we only take on one project at a time to ensure that all of our attention is paid to you. We treat our clients’ homes as if they were our own, and the results show.

We even take the time to collaborate with our clients throughout the process. We’re always interested in learning more about their unique visions, so that we can work together to bring them to life through a one-of-a-kind experience.

And of course, our guarantee revolves around finished, high-quality, exceptional work completed on time and on budget. And if you’re unsatisfied with the final result within 30 days of completion, we’ll get right back to work until we get the job done right.

That’s the Carpentry Zeal process.